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RHP Encounters (66)

Delightfully unexpected!!

We had been chatting with another couple from RHP for a while. Nothing overly exciting except for one night when the lady of the other couple had a few wines and stared sexting. Anyways we had all ...

Posted By: prnstaranhertoy

Swinging (27)

Sound asleep - a swinging story

I was soundly sleeping. We had had a nice evening with friends. The friends had gone to bed in our guest room. My girlfriend Karlee and I had invited our friends Matt and Meg to visit for the weekend. ...

Posted By: Aussie_Fella_24

Group Sex (77)

The Cuckold

One night my girl and I decided to go to a local pub and listen to a band. We had been there for about an hour and she had had about three wines and I only had a couple glasses of light beer as I was ...

Posted By: sexellence

Gay / Lesbian (36)

The hottest female on female night ever !

We were up at the Whitsundays for a well earned holiday. We went to a club called Magnums which is always packed. It was a Saturday night. We were sitting at a table looking towards each other. We ...

Posted By: DTE_couple

Kinky Fetishes (191)

Bedroom Fantasy.

I have set the house so that there is only a faint glow coming from the main bedroom. In the bedroom, I have set alight several candles so that the room will be bathed in gorgeous light. It also ...

Posted By: LeoGirl_77

Bi 3Somes (71)

Lunch time meeting.

We had agreed to meet at a hotel room not far from work with a work friend .....a little bit of naughty girl play just like the last time. When i got there she was lying on the bed with a sexy ...

Posted By: BellaRH

Exhibitionism/Voyuerism (41)

SoHo Midnight, NYC

Your cab pulled up in the warehouse district of New York. You got out and almost tripped on the old cobblestone road. The black door you had been told about was firmly closed as you expected. You ...

Posted By: bicurioustease

Misc. (160)

The train ride of my life

It was 11pm the Belgrave train was practicably empty as it was midweek and holiday time. The train was a limited express. It stopped at Surry Hills before jumping to BoxHill. I saw her as the train ...

Posted By: sharewithus101

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