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RHP Encounters (65)

Delightfully unexpected!!

We had been chatting with another couple from RHP for a while. Nothing overly exciting except for one night when the lady of the other couple had a few wines and stared sexting. Anyways we had all ...

Posted By: prnstaranhertoy

Swinging (28)

Melbourne Mixed Sauna Night

I have been living outside Melbourne for the past 9 months, I fly down pretty regularly. On my last trip, I decided to go to this Swingers Party, in Elsternwick. It was a mixed Bi Night. I wanted to ...

Posted By: devilsden26

Group Sex (79)

The Bareback Fuck Club

It came as a surprise to everyone when one day "The Vaccine" was announced which effectively took away all fears surrounding STDs. Within weeks of it becoming available, the new freedom was celebrated ...

Posted By: NotThatShy

Gay / Lesbian (37)

Who's the boss?

Mark was 25 skinny but muscly and really tall, I was his boss, he'd asked to use my office to change. "No problem" was my reply and I turned my attention to the laptop. The office wasn't very large ...

Posted By: richardlionheart

Kinky Fetishes (194)

The Return

The vanilla scented candles burnt lower, their aroma mingled perfectly with the rich red rose petals that were strewn all over the bed...... the uninterrupted smooth soul music in the background ...

Posted By: norcuck

Bi 3Somes (70)

Lunch time meeting.

We had agreed to meet at a hotel room not far from work with a work friend .....a little bit of naughty girl play just like the last time. When i got there she was lying on the bed with a sexy ...

Posted By: BellaRH

Exhibitionism/Voyuerism (43)

Sex on the beach

This may not be the best story you've ever heard, this story however is entirely true. When I lived in WA I used to frequent a nudist (or 'free') beach at Warnbro - a suburb of Rockingham, ...

Posted By: GenericGuy

Misc. (174)

A Friday in September

1 She walked in before him, as the door closed his arms enveloped her from behind, he kissed her neck gently as his hands moved over her body. The buttons of her blouse were soon open and he pulled ...

Posted By: Brunnicator

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