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RHP Encounters (68)

A Couple's First Threesome.

I sent a flirt through to a couple whose profile had caught my eye not really expecting a reply. The next day to my delight they sent a message through asking if I’d be keen to meet. Exchanging ...

Posted By: 1easygoin1

Swinging (28)

Melbourne Mixed Sauna Night

I have been living outside Melbourne for the past 9 months, I fly down pretty regularly. On my last trip, I decided to go to this Swingers Party, in Elsternwick. It was a mixed Bi Night. I wanted to ...

Posted By: devilsden26

Group Sex (79)

The Bareback Fuck Club

It came as a surprise to everyone when one day "The Vaccine" was announced which effectively took away all fears surrounding STDs. Within weeks of it becoming available, the new freedom was celebrated ...

Posted By: NotThatShy

Gay / Lesbian (38)

School Friends

I'm a girlie guy since I was a little. I'm also very flirty. I have lots of straight male friends. There was this guy (Fraser) I really liked when I was younger. I have always fantasised about seeing ...

Posted By: imtheprincess

Kinky Fetishes (195)

Watch me, Fuck me, Leave me...

Me on my bed, naked and alone on a warm, balmy night. On my back, legs bent, wide apart and up in the air with a clit stimulator buzzing away on my clit having multiple orgasms.... unaware that you ...

Posted By: MochaBiBabe

Bi 3Somes (72)

Accidental Threesome

It wasn't long after my new housemate moved in that I was in uncontrollable lust for her. She was every guy's dream - friendly, intelligent, and oh so gorgeous! Dreams were shattered when I met her ...

Posted By: MySweetStick

Exhibitionism/Voyuerism (45)

A Night At The Movies

It was late one night and we were walking in town, hand in hand just wandering aimlessly and talking about anything and nothing at the same time. We came across a movie theatre that was showing old ...

Posted By: Lighthorseman76

Misc. (181)

No Touching.

She watched him stripping off, drinking in his lean hard young body. He appeared nervous, but she knew that wouldn't last long. He came and sat across from her, and they smiled at each other. He ...

Posted By: Kokoflamingo

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