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RedHotPie TV - Monique Hendricks Interview

We got to sit down recently with Monique Hendricks of Allure Entertainment, one of the country's sexiest talent agencies! We asked Monique just how Allure managed to conquer such a competitive industry!
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Perth Sexpo 2015
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Video Archive

  RedHotPie TV - Brisbane Sexpo 2015
How do you make Australia's sexiest lifestyle expo even sexier? You throw a couple of the RedHotPie Party Girls into the mix! Check it out now!
  RHP TV - International Lingerie Model Search - THE FINAL!
After a week of what can only be described as the ultimate male fantasy, it came down to the big show... the International Lingerie Model Search 2015 final. Wrap your peepers around one of the sexiest nights we've ever been part of!!
  RedHotPie TV - International Lingerie Model Search - FINALS WEEK!!!
Imagine being embedded with a group of young, gorgeous, wild lingerie models for a week as they try to out sexy each other! Well here it is, Finals Week with the girls of the 2015 International Lingerie Model Search!
  RedHotPie TV - Delilah Daniels Interview
Well, when you're at the final of Miss Erotic International and Perth's showgirl sensation, Delilah Daniels wanders past, you grab her for an interview! That's exactly what our ravishing roving reporter Candice did recently...
  RedHotPie TV - Isabelle Deltore Interview
We recently got to sit down with the reigning Miss Nude World, Isabelle Deltore, for a very sexy chat... check it out!
  RedHotPie TV - Orgasms
We recently hit the ground at Perth Sexpo and got the low down on Orgasms! Who's having them, how good are they and how can we have more of them??? Check us out, yo!

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